Letter: Response to climate change claims

Claims by Harry Creamer, President of the local branch of Climate Change Australia declaring that the NSW Government doesn’t have a climate change plan is simply incorrect.

Mr Creamer is well aware of the Liberal & Nationals Climate Change Framework and to make these false claims just weeks away from a state election is misleading and dishonest.

In fact, Mr Creamer took the opportunity in 2016 to make a submission to the Framework during the community consultation period.

Just days later Mr Creamer wrote to me informing me of his actions stating “last Friday I completed the attached submission on behalf of our safe climate and clean energy group and sent it to the OEH address on time. We welcome the new initiative and seek to play a constructive part in the process of finalising the policies.” (Email dated 21st December 2016 from Mr Creamer to my office)

The NSW Government has a very clear Climate Change Policy Framework which can be found online https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/topics/climate-change/policy-framework. It includes aspirational objectives to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and to help NSW become more resilient to climate change. In 2016, emissions in NSW were down almost 19 per cent on 2005 levels, outpacing the national average decrease of 13 per cent.

Mr Creamer also falsely claims that there is a “gold rush to clear-fell our forests” again using scaremongering tactics as we head towards an election.

Clearfelling is not allowed in native forestry operations on either public or private land in NSW. Clearfelling is undertaken only in plantations and there are no plans to introduce this practice in native forests.

Mr Creamer has every right to make public statements relating to climate change but I would encourage him as I have in the past to base them on facts not fiction.

Leslie Williams MP

Member for Port Macquarie