Whiddon Group Laurieton's 2019 Seniors Festival celebration

Residents at Whiddon Group Laurieton have been treated to a special Hollywood film screening as part of the Seniors Festival 2019 celebrations.

The NSW Seniors Festival is on from February 13 until February 24 with the theme ‘Love Your Life’. 

The home was transformed to become a traditional cinema complete with a red carpet entrance, velvet rope, popcorn and other snacks.

The residents expressed their excitement about watching the film Ladies in Black which is set in 1959.

Whiddon Group resident Bet Matthews said the movie brings back nostalgic memories of when she used to work in the Sydney CBD.

Residents were invited to dress in black, complete with pearls to follow the fashion highlighted in the film.

Ladies in Black follows the story of four women working in a department store in Sydney and the issues they faced at the time.

Whiddon Laurieton director of care services, George Fotoulis said it’s important to celebrate seniors to acknowledge the special people that they are. 

“They all have wonderful stories to tell, you just have to take the time to listen,” he said.

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