Students address issue of cyber bullying at Camden Haven High School

Camden Haven High School student Sophie Vanderveer says she doesn't think mobile phones are a necessity to have in schools.  

The high school had an event on Thursday, March 14 for a National Day of Action against Cyber Bullying. 

Students were encouraged to sign a pledge they 'won't be mean behind the screen'. 

The issue of cyber bullying prompted Camden Haven High School to issue a warning to students recently about a possible ban. 

Principal Margaret Hutchinson said there was some silly behaviour occurring at the school which prompted the action. 

She said the school organises a police liaison officer to come and speak to the students about what is lawful and appropriate behaviour. 

The school has a student well being team led by staff, which aims to ensure that every student is known, valued and cared for. 

While Sophie said she doesn't believe mobile phones have to be used at schools, she said it's nice to have an option to use it if needed. 

Another student Olivia Stevens Seers said there should be better rules in place to determine when and how mobile phones should be used while at school. 

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