Road closure signs needed as Cathie Bridge suffers damage in flooding rains of 1963

Watch your step: Inspecting damage to Cathie Bridge following flooding rain in 1963. Photo supplied by Port Macquarie Museum.

Watch your step: Inspecting damage to Cathie Bridge following flooding rain in 1963. Photo supplied by Port Macquarie Museum.

Quota Governor at Installation Dinner

Quota Governor Marjorie Kay came over from Tamworth on Saturday for the Installation Dinner at Port Macquarie Club, held in the Church of England Hall. She was the central figure at a pleasant dinner function, and later installed in office those who will control the destinies of Port Macquarie's Club for the next twelve months.

Mrs. Brest was re-installed as president for a second term, while Mrs H. J. McClelland took over the secretaryship from Phyll Joscelyne. Governor Marjorie, in responding to a toast to Quota International, said the high ethical standards required in Quota would permit no shoddiness. The dignifying of all occupations was required of its members, as well as the development of good fellowship, friendship and understanding.

Cathie bridge closure

When floods were at their peak the mayor, Ald A.L. Crisp, and council's engineer, Mr. John Clark, had calls from here, there and everywhere. One of them was for road closed signs for Cathie bridge. In the dark of night, the mayor and engineer approached the bridge on foot to find out what the trouble was and couldn't see much amiss. Next day, they discovered they had been standing on a sealed road with no foundation beneath, but a raging torrent. Work on repairing the damage is proceeding under most difficult conditions because of the continuing flood rains.

Parking at Hospital

The car parking arrangement at the hospital, has, over the past few months been causing the Board of Directors some concern. Following discussions the Board has resolved that from Monday, May 13, the parking of private cars etc., within the grounds of the hospital, will not be permitted. Members of the public must park their cars in Morton Street. The existing parking area within the hospital grounds is available to doctors and ambulance cars only. This new arrangement does not prevent taxi cab or private car drivers conveying to or picking up at the main entrance steps, patients, intending patients or afflicted persons and then turning to proceed out of the grounds to park in Morton Street.

Word of warning on tree planting

At Monday night's meeting of the municipal council Ald C.N. Finlay asked questions in regard to tree-planting and council's nursery arrangement. He said the committee arrangement didn't seem satisfactory, nor was he satisfied council had done the right thing in regard to the arrangement it had between its gardener and his nursery.

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