Letter on the climate change debate

With an election a few days away I am amazed how polarised this subject can be. It seams the right wing people are in complete denial and the left wing people are evangelicals. Both are completely bloody minded to listening or negotiating whose facts are 'facts'.

As an environmental supporter and someone who has lived a majority of their grown life on renewable energy alone, I am exhausted by the to and fro banter. For 30 years I have wanted to see some change to practice and have seen difficulties in doing too, such as expense. For 30 years I have thought Australia and CSIRO were on the forefront of renewable tech and could have made the country rich as the leaders of the renewable industry, but no.

I think everyone is tired of the global warming argument, you either believe it in some way or you don't. Does it matter if it is man made or a cycle. Can you reject ice is melting everywhere? NO. Does it matter economically? Not really.

Look around you in our world people. In the last 200 years we have wiped out many species on land, We have over harvested the seas with no regard for habitat. We have chopped down the biomass for toilet paper and cattle production, now palm oil. We are now littering the environment with petroleum by products like plastic. The seas and bays are plastic soups in areas. Micro plastic and roundup has been detected throughout the food chain , even in us.

I don't want to talk climate change, I want to talk about humans shepherding a better planet, bringing in better practices and respecting the planet we are part of.... and making money doing it.

Renewable energy is good for everything. In the end it's free energy. It creates a new industry which is driving new economies. Growing hemp to make paper for toiletries, news and bags is sensible and profitable. It also drives new industry and economy. Changing our world for the better is GOOD ECONOMICS, regardless of who has made global climate change. I can tell you who has been destroying and poisoning everything else. Greedy Us.

I do want opportunities for my kids, just like my grandfather did not persist with the horse, cart and horse pollution. I want new industries that are better and cleaner than the old technology. Why can't the left and right see the advantages of change to new technology? Why do they squander opportunity ? Why are they so stagnant that change is killing the planet? Climate change or not, can we please vote for a positive change and not the same old stubborn, blinkered and poor approach.

Blair Maxwell

Camden Head