Camden Haven High School hosts robotics competition

Camden Haven High School hosted 50 primary school students for the annual Camden Haven Community of Schools Robotics Competition on May 2.

A spokesperson from the school said Year 9 students organised the competition for students.

Students from Laurieton, North Haven, Kendall, Hannam Vale and Johns River Primary Schools built and programmed robots for competition in a series of activities.

The school spokesperson said the most anticipated event is the drag race, where student robots are raced along a 30cm wide and 10m long track.

"The difficulty with this competition is keeping robots on the track without compromising speed," she said.

In the first round, the Laurieton Public School girl duo were the only team to complete the race.

However after a few adjustments, the Hannam Vale robot completed the race in a faster speed and took out the title.

Teacher James Langley helped organise the event with year 9 students, who recorded scores, mentored students and decided on award recipients.

Mr Langley said robotics is a top engineering development program.

The primary school students were also treated to a demonstration of the Year 7 technology robots.

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