Greg Ray's small space garden in Laurieton

Greg Ray's neighbours are eyeing off the passionfruits growing outside his Laurieton home.

Greg lives at the Haven Caravan Park and said a shared passion for gardening has brought his neighbourhood community together.

"I'm picking up tips off older people and I give them ideas to help them too," he said.

Gardening is something which Greg has always been passionate about, learning the green thumb ways from his grandparents.

He believes that a lot of people are hesitant to start gardening because they think they don't have enough space.

Greg has established a small space garden in an area of two by five metres. He said it's important for people to utilise vertical and horizontal space.

"It's also important for people to take into account their location so they can ensure their garden gets enough sun," he said.

Greg plants vegetables and fruit according to the season and only has to buy a few supplies from the supermarket to supplement his produce.

Greg's garden doesn't require much pest control as he said he doesn't produce enough of one plant to attract them.

"I also use companion plants to keep pests away," he said.

Greg's garden is organic and he doesn't use any chemicals or pesticides.

The key to a successful garden according to Greg is the nutrients of the soil.

"It's important to get the ph level right," he said.

Greg said gardening is very rewarding.

"I enjoy watching the insects and life in cycles," he said.

Greg's passionfruit vine is prominent in his small space garden and he said he thought it wouldn't recover after the hail storm on New Year's Day in 2018.

However the vine has taken off and Greg has built lattice to help control how it grows.

Greg is looking forward to sharing the ripe fruit with his neighbours.

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