Appeal to find Stan Manning's family to return war medals

Andrea Osborne wants to return two war medals to the family of their original owner.

Andrea inherited the medals after they belonged to her uncle Stanley Manning's father Bart Manning.

Andrea's mother's twin sister Ellen married Stanley Manning after they met at Concord Hospital.

Ellen was a nurse and treated Stanley when he came back from WW2 with significant spinal injuries.

Andrea's family were given the medals along with her uncle's medals when her aunt passed away.

"I feel that the medals should be returned to Bart's descendants who should rightly have them," she said.

"I have attempted to find the relatives but have had no success.

"I believe Uncle Stan had a brother and I'm sure he had a son but I don't know where they lived.

"I had thought it was around the Laurieton area."

Andrea's aunt and uncle lived in Lakewood Village Laurieton for many years.

She has attempted to call all the Mannings in and around the area, including Port Macquarie.

If you can help or for information please contact the Courier on 6559 8035.

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