Dunbogan resident Gary Lewis collects hats

Dunbogan resident Gary Lewis says behind every hat there's a good story.

Gary has about 250 hats stored in his garage and is constantly on the hunt for more.

About 10 years ago Gary formed a friendship with an American when they were both on a trip to Uluru.

The American man gave Gary a hat and Gary sent him one in America. The small exchange kicked off Gary's decade-long hunt for hats.

Gary said his collection has become a conversation starter and it's a great way to meet people.

Gary and his wife Sue moved to the Camden Haven about two years ago from Sydney.

Gary's collection was culled down from over 300 to make the move.

"I wasn't going to continue the hat collecting when I moved up here, but then people started giving me them," he said.

Gary often sits in the garage to admire his hats because they bring back good memories for him.

A couple of hats were given to Gary from his brother-in-law who has since passed away.

"Whenever I look at those hats I think of him," he said.

A lot of the hats are associated with sports as Gary is passionate about cars, motorbikes, cricket and other ball sports such as rugby.

Legendary rugby league coach Jack Gibson gave Gary a hat which he will forever treasure.

Gary's wife Sue said it's great that her husband is so passionate about hat collecting.

"As long as the collection stays in the garage and not in the house," she said.

Gary is still collecting hats. If you have any you would like to donate to Gary please call him on 0400 587 828.

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