North Haven's Judy Wade grows odd-shaped lemon

Judy Wade's sunny unit courtyard at North Haven has delivered a surprise in the form of a lemon.

Recently Judy went outside to discover the unusual lemon, growing alongside oval-shaped lemons in the pot plant.

"I counted the spikes and it had 10," she said.

Judy believes the one lemon could be a mutation of many lemons.

However she has no idea about how it came to be.

Judy cut the spiky lemon in half.

Judy cut the spiky lemon in half.

"We just use a normal fertiliser it (the tree) doesn't get any special treatment," she said.

Judy took the lemon along to the Laurieton Craft Group to show her friends.

"Everyone was really interested as no one had ever seen a lemon like it before," she said.

The ladies at the craft group bring lemons to their catch up for members to make butter.

Judy cut the lemon in half and then quarters.

She said it appears the big lemon is made up of many smaller ones.

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