Russ Grigg thanks community after fall at Lorne

I want to pass on my sincere thanks to the wonderful people of Lorne, who came to my assistance after I fell in my driveway, near the street on Friday June 21.

Whilst bringing my bins in, around midday, I lost my balance and fell. I suffer from ataxia and vertigo, a result of exposure to Agent Orange (2-4-5-T) during the 1960s. I was unable to regain my composure and stand.

Being down for approximately five hours, it started getting dark and I began to think I'd be there all night. It was cold and I was dressed in only jeans and a light jumper.

I waved frantically at every passing car. Nobody could see me, as the paspalum, parramatta grass and other long noxious grasses, blocked people's view.

In a frantic attempt, I was able to prop myself up on one elbow and wave my hat frantically at a group of cars passing by.

Harry saw my waving, stopped and reversed back in my driveway.

He spoke with me, flagged down some passing motorists and soon after had enough people lift me to my feet.

After waiting for my dizziness to subside, I was helped to my car and then driven to the house, about half a kilometre up the hill. I was taken inside, sat down and given water.

I know I will miss naming a lot of you, but a sincere 'thanks' to everyone who assisted.

To name the few I can remember, Harry van Haren, Jackson, the two ladies from Sullivans Road, and three more gents who assisted in lifting me, plus countless others who stopped.

To anyone I missed, my apologies.

A sincere thank you to you all.

Russ Grigg.


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