David Poulton set to compete at Fox Superflow Championships at Jolly Nose Mountain Bike Park

On the way down: David Poulton tests out his ebike ahead of this weekend's state championships. Photo: Paul Jobber
On the way down: David Poulton tests out his ebike ahead of this weekend's state championships. Photo: Paul Jobber

WITHOUT the benefit of using an electric mountain bike, Dave Poulson would not be able to vie for a state title this weekend at Jolly Nose Mountain Bike Park.

A nerve problem in his legs forced Poulson to think his days as a mountain bike rider were over. That was until he was introduced to the pedal assist bike around Christmas last year.

"I have a nerve problem where the nerves in my legs don't connect to the muscles properly," he said.

"There's a delayed communication there so I walk with a funny gait and have lost power in my legs."

In order to keep up with his son Sam, Poulton got an ebike which enabled him to ride back up the hills again and "keep in touch with all the other guys".

"It's speed limited so the motor kicks out at 25 kilometres an hour, so while you're racing it doesn't come into effect too much because you're racing downhill.

"But it does assist you in the climbs and the climbs this weekend are quite long."

The average rider will take between 20 and 25 minutes to complete a climb up to the race runs but then only take three and a half to four minutes to come down.

"It's a lot of pedalling," Poulton said.

"To do all three race runs this weekend will be around 40 kilometres of riding - including the ascents and the descents.

"If you do more than one race run they could be doing 40, 50 or 60 kilometres over the race day."

Poulton said there will be a number of different divisions up for grabs from the pros to the experts and all the way down to under-11s.

"There is nothing better than riding with your son out in the bush and this weekend there will be lots of fathers and sons and fathers and daughters," he said.

"There will be young girls of 10 and 11 and 12 and 13 and their dads are chasing them down the hills. It's pretty amazing to see."

It will be the first time the state championships will be held in Port Macquarie.

"Last year there was a state round here so we're looking at a big field and there are guys coming from as far as Canberra."

Poulton was eyeing a top five finish in the 40-years age division.

"I'll do alright," he said.

"I hope to get in the top five and if I do I'll be going really good so if I just stay upright and have fun I'm doing well."