Ebony Nicholas and Elizabeth Legge comment on International Science School experience

Ebony Nicholas and Elizabeth Legge from Camden Haven High School.
Ebony Nicholas and Elizabeth Legge from Camden Haven High School.

Two students from Camden Haven High School have had a once in a lifetime experience by attending the International Science School.

Students Ebony Nicholas and Elizabeth Legge were selected to participate in the prestigious science program in Sydney over the July school holidays.

They said there were too many highlights to single out just one and they learnt a lot over the two weeks.

During the program Ebony and Elizabeth attended lectures and participated in a number of activities.

Elizabeth said the learning process didn't stop throughout the entire two weeks.

At their accommodation students would help each other with academic problems.

"There was a white board with crazy mathematics problems written on it," Elizabeth said.

"It was a lovely atmosphere where students were open to helping each other."

Elizabeth and Ebony got to meet Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, who has a wealth of knowledge on all subjects within the field of science.

They also attended lectures conducted by NASA Flight Director Matt Abbott and astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell.

Matt's presentation inspired Elizabeth to pursue a position at NASA.

"I've loved space since I was very small and I've watched all of the Stephen Hawking documentaries." she said.

"Before now NASA for me was such a fantasy, as I thought it was only for crazy smart scientists.

"The International School of Science has really broadened my horizons."

Ebony and Elizabeth also gained insight into the type of laboratories available to them at university level.

Elizabeth would like to focus on the field of engineering and study mechatronics at university.

Ebony is passionate about chemistry and food science.

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