Port Macquarie-Hastings councillor Justin Levido will call for a multi-million spend on major local projects

Cr Justin Levido will push for a multi-million spend on major local projects at the August 21 meeting.

Cr Justin Levido will push for a multi-million spend on major local projects at the August 21 meeting.

Port Macquarie-Hastings Councillor Justin Levido will push for tens of millions of dollars in funding for the region's most urgent projects.

He will table his proposed funding breakdown at the August 21 council meeting.

Cr Levido said he would like general manager Craig Swift-McNair to deliver a report to the October meeting, detailing a proposal for council to borrow, on commercial terms, the sum of $25 million.

Cr Levido said the borrowed funding would be used for six projects during the first quarter of 2020.

Camden Haven projects include the Schools to Schools project ($900,000), the Beach to Beach project ($900,000) and Lake Cathie and Lake Innes Estuarine System investigative works ($1 million).

Port Macquarie-Hastings projects include an upgrade of Boundary Street, Port Macquarie ($15 million), upgrade works to Bril Bril Road, Rollands Plains ($6 million) and upgrade works to The Hatch, Blackmans Point ($1,200,000).

In putting forward the motion, Cr Levido said said with election funding now committed, council needs to consider alternative sources of cash flow to ensure important works are delivered.

Cr Levido said people are living in an era of record low interest rates, which are predicted to continue for some time.

"Council, through prudent financial management since administration ended in 2012, is well poised to borrow to fund required and important infrastructure, without unreasonable strain on its finances," he said.

Cr Levido said both the Schools to Schools and Beach to Beach projects in the Camden Haven are worthy community-based projects.

"They significantly enhance the quality of life of those communities and their residents generally," he said.

In relation to the ailing waterway of Lake Cathie and Lake Innes Estuarine System, Cr Levido said it is important council take the lead.

Beach to Beach Riverwalk committee president Penny Small said Cr Levido's proposal is an incredible opportunity for Camden Haven pathways.

She encouraged residents to make contact with councillors and show their support for the funding call.

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