Camden Haven Community Garden at Apex Park, Laurieton targeted by vandals

Volunteers of the Camden Haven Community Garden have been left devastated after their piece of paradise was targeted by vandals.

A spokesperson from the Camden Haven Community College said members suspect the incident took place overnight on Monday, August 12 as the damage was discovered on Tuesday, August 13.

The garden is located at Apex Park, Laurieton.

The spokesperson said about $80 of items were stolen including seeds, fertiliser and a gardening book.

"We have had to use our donations from our local clubs, to replace what was taken," she said.

The incident has been reported to police and Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.

The college spokesperson said the garden is quite secure.

She said the vandals allegedly jumped the locked gate and were able to pull open the shed door hard enough for the lock to give way.

It's the second time in eight years the community garden at Apex Park, Laurieton has been targeted.

"We hope these senseless vandals do not continue this kind of behaviour throughout our community," the spokesperson said.

Earlier this year native bee hive from the Kendall Community Global Garden was stolen.

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