Eric and Kay Smith from Kendall notch up 60 years of marriage

Kay and Eric Smith.
Kay and Eric Smith.

A Kendall couple has marked 60 years of marriage after first locking eyes with each other on a bus in the local area.

Eric Smith was working as a bus driver and he said Kay used to 'make eyes at me in the rear view mirror'.

Eric worked a lot as a driver for buses and taxis but would give Kay a lift when she needed one.

"I was always working as there were no hand outs in those days," Eric said.

Kay was just 16-years-old and Eric 22-years-old when they married on August 8, 1959.

"It wasn't a great big wedding but we had a lot of friends and relatives who came," Kay said.

The couple went on to have five children; Gary, Michael, Lyn, Paul and Karen. They also have 11 grandchildren and seven (and a half) great grandchildren.

Special cake to mark the 60th wedding anniversary.

Special cake to mark the 60th wedding anniversary.

Kay and Eric have lived in the Camden Haven all their lives. Both have worked tirelessly within the local community.

They've been active in groups including the NSW Rural Fire Service, Kendall Tennis Club, Kendall Blues Football Club, Camden Haven Show Society and Camden Haven Junior Rugby League.

Kay's sponge cake is legendary. She spent years of running the football canteen, washing sport jumpers and cooking breakfasts for the cattle and horse exhibitors at the local show.

Kay and Eric say that a good marriage takes hard work. Kay said it's important for people to help each other.

Eric has experienced a few health scares along the way and said Kay has been a constant rock for him.

In July 2011, Eric was rushed to hospital with a virus impacting his blood. He came back to life after being pronounced clinically dead. He said he's lost a month of memory but said his brain is still ticking away.

Eric and Kay's children all live in the local area and they helped their parents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on August 8.

The couple received letters of congratulations from HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the Governor General David Hurley, MP David Gillespie and MP Leslie Williams.

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