Resident's concerns on the Camden Haven River

Dunbogan baths at the Camden Haven River.
Dunbogan baths at the Camden Haven River.

A resident has raised concerns over the condition of the Camden Haven River which he said is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

The resident, who didn't want to be named, grew up in Kendall and has lived in the area for 60 years.

On a recent fishing excursion with his granddaughter, she asked him 'if the river used to be beautiful'.

The resident would like to see action to ensure his granddaughter's children get to enjoy the river.

"Unless something is done she (granddaughter) is never going to see what I've seen," he said.

The resident said the Dunbogan baths have experienced a build of sand, which is only getting worse.

He said there are several environmental issues at the baths, including erosion of the bank and the netting is getting caught in the sand.

A spokesperson from NSW Department of Primary Industries said many of river and estuary systems are feeling the impacts of reduced rainfall.

"This can range from impacts on water quality, to reduced flows changing the way sand moves in our rivers and estuaries," she said.

"The reduced flushing effect from freshwater in-flows can result in sand building up in sections of rivers or estuaries."

The spokesperson said fish have evolved to cope with the variability of flood and drought.

"In most situations fish are able to move to more favourable locations, returning when conditions improve," she said.

"Reduced water quality can impact both fish and oysters, however estuary systems with good tidal exchange such as the Camden Haven generally maintain good water quality."

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