Council endorses option three for Bold Street, Laurieton, pedestrian crossing

Right choice: North Haven resident Noel Hiffernan says the council-endorsed pedestrian crossing location will be convenient.
Right choice: North Haven resident Noel Hiffernan says the council-endorsed pedestrian crossing location will be convenient.

The community's top pick for the Bold Street pedestrian crossing location in Laurieton has got the council tick of approval.

That is the northern crossing location between Coles and the pharmacy, known as option three.

The location still requires Local Traffic Committee approval.

John Saunders, representing the community and the Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce, Tourism and Industry, told the September 18 Port Macquarie-Hastings Council meeting that the overwhelming community support was for option three.

"The safety aspects are our major concern," he said.

Option three gives pedestrians, particularly between Coles and the pharmacy, a safe and direct route to cross the road.

Mr Saunders said the chamber's position and the community's position was well and truly vindicated as a result of the council's pop-up stalls during the consultation.

North Haven resident Noel Hiffernan said it was gratifying to see people's wishes were being listened to.

"It will be convenient for folk and makes it less dangerous to cross the road," he said.

"The outcome goes to create that accessible crossing point that will be very happily accepted by the community."

Mr Hiffernan congratulated the council on the decision.

The council reviewed the pedestrian crossing location after a 615-signature petition called on the council to reconsider its placement.

The community had a say on three pedestrian location choices during additional community engagement.

They were a mid-block crossing (option one), a mid-car park crossing (option two) and option three, a northern crossing linking Coles to the pharmacy.

Mayor Peta Pinson said from the community consultation, she believed it was evident that senior residents were clear in requesting option three as the pedestrian crossing location.

She said the petition of more than 600 signatures demonstrated the high desire for option three.

"We save ratepayers' money by choosing the most cost-effective option," Cr Pinson said.

Cr Peter Alley said option one made more sense in terms of street geometry but people would actually use a crossing located at option three.

Cr Rob Turner said he got the sense a large section of the community wanted the option three pedestrian crossing location and he didn't think that location would cause an enormous problem.

Community consultation identified option three as the preferred location by the majority.

The council at its September meeting endorsed the Bold Street, Laurieton, pedestrian crossing to be located at option three.

Council's general manager Craig Swift-McNair will write to Port Macquarie MP Leslie Williams with a status update on the project and the proposed delivery timeframe.

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