Mid North Coast Karate students experience success at Nambucca Heads grading

On Saturday, September 14 a large group of students from Mid North Coast Karate travelled to Nambucca Heads for their belt grading.

All students were successful in their grading attempt.

The students were assessed on their performance of basics, kata (patterns) and sparring for the seniors.

"I am proud of each and every one of my students who attempted their grading," said Shihan Peter.

"They all trained extremely hard gave their all. This determination meant that every student was successful in reaching their next colour belt."

Mid North Coast Karate is part of the Goshin Ryu Karate Association. Students share their gradings with the affiliated school in Nambucca Heads to foster the relationships between students.

"Students get the opportunity to meet and train with other like-minded students outside of their own training facility," Shihan Peter said.

"It is fantastic watching the students grow and develop throughout their martial arts journey and the gradings are a way of reflecting on a student's growth."

Shihan Peter said martial arts teaches self defence and also builds a student's self-belief, self confidence and inspires goal setting.

Mid North Coast Karate has classes available for three-years-old and above.

Mid North Coast Karate is located at Kew. Students train with 6th Dan Shihan Peter Becroft who has more than 40 years' experience in Martial Arts.

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