Bonny Hills residents Kim, Glen and Macie Calvert participate in Walk for Prems 2019

Glen, Macie and Kim Calvert.
Glen, Macie and Kim Calvert.

It's a challenge adjusting to life as new parents. A change made that much more harder if you have a baby which is born prematurely.

Bonny Hills residents Kim and Glen Calvert's beautiful baby daughter Macie was born two months early on March 7. Kim's original due date was May 4.

On Sunday, October 27 the family will join others across Australia in a walk to support the 48,000 premature or sick babies born in the country each year.

Walk for Prems 2019 is the largest annual fundraiser for the Life's Little Treasures Foundation.

The Australian charity is dedicated to supporting the families of babies born sick or prior to 37 weeks gestation.

Kim said it was a rough start to parenthood but they have been blessed that Macie was a relatively healthy premature baby.

When Macie was born she had full lung capacity, in contrast to the majority of babies born prematurely who require some assistance to breathe.

However Macie does have other challenges, including an immature digestive system which has resulted in severe acid reflux.

Kim and Glen had a challenging start to Macie's birth. Kim was referred to John Hunter Hospital by Port Macquarie Base Hospital staff due to having a short cervix.

She packed a bag and travelled to Newcastle, where she was in bed for five weeks before Macie arrived.

Glen said it was hard being 200km from each other while Kim was in Newcastle. However they were both grateful there was somewhere Kim could go to receive the medical attention required.

After the birth Macie spent four days at John Hunter Hospital before she was flown to Port Macquaire by Air Ambulance.

When she was born Macie weighed 1.83kg and was only 41cm long.

She spent five weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit and special care nursery.

Kim, Glen and Macie will do their five kilometre fundraising walk from the Settlement Point Reserve to Town Beach.

Celebrating its 10th Walk, Walk for Prems will take place simultaneously in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Perth - as well as regional locations.

If you would like to support the Calvert's fundraising effort with their virtual walk please visit

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