Kendall Global Community Garden adapts to lack of rain and dry weather

Volunteers at the Kendall Global Community Garden are implementing a number of strategies to help make the plants thrive in dry weather conditions.

Recently volunteers received a community grant from Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, which they will put towards the construction of new wicking beds.

Volunteer Elke Knebel explained the wicking beds will act as self-watering pots due to the waterproof lining that holds a reservoir of water at the bottom.

She said water is draw upwards like a wick to the surface of the garden bed.

Elke said the community garden, like other places in Australia and around the world has had to adapt due to the warm weather conditions and lack of rain.

The volunteers have also utilised a rotational garden method to help keep pests at bay.

The volunteers who maintain the garden made the grim discovery when they arrived for work on Thursday, June 24.

The native bee hive had been an integral part of the garden for over five years.

Elke said the volunteers have no plans to replace the bee hive due to the cost and risk involved.

Volunteer Tin Hta Nu said it's her vision to establish the garden as a community "centre of cohesion" and a vibrant hub for everyone to enjoy.

The Global Garden is a community resource. It provides practical information for new or old gardeners, with an emphasis on growing food.

Volunteer Marg Wallin said it's a community effort, where a number of people contribute different skills to ensure the garden continues to evolve.

The Kendall Meeting Place cafe and markets are on every Thursday morning at the Kendall Community Hall from 9am to 12pm regardless of the weather.

The Meeting Place cafe provides fresh home cooked cakes and toasted sandwiches.

The garden is open and there is a range of veggies and herbs available for 'pick and pay'.

For more information visit the Kendall Meeting Place and Market Bazaar page on Facebook.

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