Laurieton's main street to sparkle with Christmas lights during the holidays

VIBRANT: Bold Street is getting a face lift.
VIBRANT: Bold Street is getting a face lift.

The Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce are excited to announce fairy lights will decorate Bold Street these holidays.

Working with the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council (PMHC) the trees along the town's main street will be pruned and decorated with solar power fairy lights from December 1 to January 26.

This will be part of the Lighting up Laurieton project that will be launched with a Lighting of the Tree community picnic.

Chamber's hope is that a clean, refreshed and vibrant main street will lift spirits, build and strengthen pride in our community and spread festive cheer.

In response to strong feedback from Bold Street retailers and community members, the Camden Haven Chamber Committee also approved a proposal in July to contract a professional pressure cleaner to pressure clean the footpaths along Laurieton's Main Street.

The decision followed several attempts by the Chamber committee over the past few years to lobby the council to clean the Main Street footpaths with no avail.

The committee agreed that, since footpaths had not been cleaned since Bold Street was upgraded and re-opened in February 2009, it was time for action.

The chamber committee also identified the revitalisation of Laurieton Main Street as a key goal in their 2025 Strategic Plan, which will require a combination of short-term, medium-term and long-term projects.

The cleaning of Laurieton Main Street is just the first of many projects ear-marked to revitalise our main street.

Chamber made the decision to champion the cleaning of Laurieton Main Street as a way of giving back and saying 'thank you' to our members past and present, local businesses and the community.

The contractor completed the pressure cleaning of Laurieton Main Street footpaths in the last week of October.

We're pleased to provide a clean and refreshed main street in preparation for the peak holiday season coming up in December.

For more information, visit or contact our Executive Officer, Marisha Woods, via