Mid-North Coast fires: Rob Jones and Bellangry neighbours lose their homes to the fire

Bellangry's Rob Jones stands in front of what's left of his home.

His home, of almost 10 years is one of at least four on Cowal Creek Road, Bellangry, hit by the fire.

The fire which came from Yarrowitch monstered his timber house in a matter of minutes, he said.

Mr Jones said he received no warnings from the RFS but understood how busy authorities were and the need for individuals to "keep an eye on things".

"It came down at such a pace ... we were just left with nothing. They were busy with fires at Forster and places like that. I can't blame them."

(Stick with the video, the wind interference lessens)

"It's gone, our home of almost ten years. It was a beautiful little wooden home, really very lovely, and we'd just spent a lot of money fixing it up and making it nicer."

"We don't plan to leave. We will stay here. We don't really have a lot of choice where we can go and what we can do. We own this.

"Four houses are gone from this part of Cowal Creek Road. It's devastating. We've been down there talking to them this morning," said Rob.

"I think we are all insured. I think we are all under-insured badly, but still it's not nothing.

"It has been so dry, and this place has been, for the last couple of months, a tinderbox waiting to burn, a bit like the whole Mid North Coast really, and there is so much fuel here that when the fire came, I've actually been shocked that there isn't more damage."

Rob and his wife, Helene returned to the area on Saturday morning to give other local people a hand.

Helene Jones said: "We came back today to help our neighbours who've also lost their houses. We've bought ice, food and drink and we're helping them with their animals.

"Some regrettably will have to be destroyed.

"It's very worrying because more high winds are forecast for Tuesday. At least nobody was injured."

Meanwhile district co-ordinator Paul McGrath has emphasised the need for vigilance as the fire danger remains high.

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