The Peace Shack | A space to gather, share, heal and grow

The Peace Shack Four: Anick, Suzanne, Kate and Siobhan are here to help you grow in happiness and joy, be supported and not alone and share with others.

The Peace Shack Four: Anick, Suzanne, Kate and Siobhan are here to help you grow in happiness and joy, be supported and not alone and share with others.

Finding peace and calm in a busy, stressful and sometimes chaotic world can often be challenging.

But there is now a safe space here in the Camden Haven where you can do just that.

The Peace Shack opened its doors this August, and now offers a wide range of wellness practices, tools, techniques, music, movement, meditation and laughter, to enliven, awaken and nurture.

"Through our personal journeys we've discovered different ways that have helped us in our lives," says Kate Forest, who along with Siobhan Kennedy, Suzanne Naylor and Anick Beaumont make up the Peace Shack Four.

Together they have created a welcoming peace-filled space to gather, share, heal, learn, grow and belong.

We believe and trust the integrity of the modalities that we offer.

The Peace Shack

"We wanted to give back to others, in gratitude and acknowledgement for our learning and life experiences, and to the many teachers and mentors who supported us," says Kate.

"We understand and value the power of connection and the support and nourishment that we all get from shared community, and we wanted to create that in the beautiful area that we live.

"We also wanted to provide a beautiful space for visiting teachers and musicians to offer their classes, workshop, and music."

Here is just a taste of how they can help:

Art of Feminine Presence TM

The Art of Feminine Presence TM improves a woman's self-worth, body awareness and body self-consciousness, helping women to feel safe, grounded, empowered and radiating her own unique magnetic presence whatever stress is happening around or within her.

Weekly classes on Fridays at 1pm. Workshops also offered.

Laughter Yoga

Laughter is the best medicine and now you can learn how laughter can reduce stress, strengthen your immune system and boost your mood.

On Mondays at 9.30am and 6.30pm (offered by donation)


A massage is a gift you can give yourself to relax your body and mind, reduce stress and soothe the soul. Just make an appointment.

Tai Chi

Originating in ancient China, Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for health of mind and body. It can improve your aerobic capacity, flexibility, balance and your mood.

Morning and evening classes are available five days a week. Suitable for all levels.


Join the weekly Mindfulness Based Meditation practice and improve your well-being, increase your energy levels and find peace in your life.

Suitable for beginners and beyond. On Monday and Thursdays.

As well as weekly classes, visiting teachers are welcomed and can hire the beautiful Peace Shack space.

Workshops have included overcoming stress and anxiety, mediation and Ho'oponopono. You can also find Reiki, angel intuitive, massage, trauma therapy, crystal dreaming, chakra balancing and energy healings.

They are also developing mobile services for businesses, schools, aged care facilities and community groups. Just call them to find out how they can help you.

And there's so much more. 

Visit and see.