If you are taking a break away from home make sure your garden is as prepared as you

December is upon us and with many people going on holidays, there are few things to do in the garden before leaving.

If you have pot plants, gather them all together if possible, in a partly shaded area. Doing this helps create a micro climate for the plants so they don't dry out as quickly. It also makes it easy if you have someone coming over to water them, especially with our very high Level 3 water restrictions.

Be sure to get rid of any weeds that will suck up any water from your plants. Top up your mulch to retain moisture and, if you have timed irrigation allowable under the restrictions, check to make sure it is all working properly.

With the heat setting in be sure to make the most of when you do water. Plants get stressed from high heat and seaweed solution is great for stressed plants. Hook up a seaweed hose spray when you water your plants and make sure to spray the leaves as well. The best time to do this is in the morning and, if you can, do it every fortnight - your plants and veggies will love you for it.

Keep mowing your lawn at a high setting to keep the moisture in and weeds out. Be sure to wash your vehicles on your lawn and make sure the products you buy are lawn friendly.

Now we all have again realised how brutal Australian conditions can be, try buying native plants as they are accustomed to these conditions.

They don't need as much water or care, and they also keep native birds happy and well fed.

Everyone is struggling at present, so please buy all your garden needs locally.

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