Camden Haven Anglican Church is opening its doors as a safe place this festive season

Anglican church a safe place to grieve this Christmas

Christmas time can really hurt.

It hurts our bank balance; it hurts our waistline, but it can also hurt our hearts.

Christmas will be a really hard time if death or estrangement has separated you from a loved one.

In either case you will be experiencing a deep grief that is intensified at Christmas because it is a season of friendship and family, and the friend or family member you used to share Christmas with is gone then you will feel their absence particularly at this time of year.

We can't help you with your bank balance or your waistline, but we can help with your hurting heart.

We do care for you and how you are feeling because God cares for you.

We want you to know there is something stronger than your grief.

Hope is stronger than grief. So, we are inviting you, or anyone you know who might benefit, to a 'Service of Hope'.

This is a service for those who have lost a loved one or feeling the absence of someone special. If you are experiencing deep pain, then come along, join us and find Hope in the midst of despair.

You won't be asked any questions, you won't be compelled to sing or even speak, you will not be asked for money, this is just a time for you to gather with others who are, like you, feeling grief.

You will have a quiet space to reflect. We have a guest speaker, Dave McDonald from Bonny Hills who is battling Lung Cancer.

Dave is the author of 'Hope beyond Cure'. We want you to feel welcome and at ease.

So just turn up at 2pm on Sunday, December 8 at Camden Haven Anglican Church, 2 Mission Terrace Lakewood.

Feel free to come with a friend. All welcome. We hope you find hope.