Holiday makers at North Haven banded together to create a New Year's Eve celebration to remember

THANK YOU: Robbie Castillo and the holiday makers at the RFS station at Bonny Hills.
THANK YOU: Robbie Castillo and the holiday makers at the RFS station at Bonny Hills.

A group of friends who visit the Camden Haven every Christmas said they had to make their own fun after fireworks to ring in 2020 were cancelled.

Robbie Castillo and his family have been coming to the Getaway Lifestyle Jacaranda Caravan Park located in North Haven every year and said they decided to create a New Year's Eve to remember.

"We have been coming to North Haven for over 10 years and they kids absolutely love it," Mr Castillo said.

"We have been coming here for so long that at Christmas we know most of the caravan park which is great.

"We know the fires have been so terrible lately and when we found out the fireworks had been cancelled we fully understood why but we still wanted to do something to mark 2020's arrival."

Mr Castillo said with only two days to go before 2020 arrived a chance meeting put the wheels in motion for a concert at the caravan park.

"We all had mixed feelings about New Year's Eve between celebrating the festive season coupled with thoughts of the devastation from the bushfires," he said.

"When we heard that that annual fireworks were cancelled (for good reasons), we were thinking of how we can continue to celebrate the new year and at the same time bring the energy to the revealers.

"Two days before new year, we were at the club having a drink, listening to a guitar soloist.

"We kept thinking he was really good and we wondered it we could hire him for New Year's Eve. To our surprise, he made himself available to come the park and perform, despite the short notice.

"Once we got the permission from the park to host the show, there was no stopping us. We spread the word across the caravan park, and we also decided to make the night a fund raising event for the local RFS."

Mr Castillo said despite the short notice and holidays the fundraiser concert turned out to be one of the best New year's ever.

"Long story short, everything went to plan, and everyone at the park had a great evening. It was a good fun family evening as we celebrated the new year.

"We raised over a $1,000 which we thought was a fantastic effort by all, given the spur-of-the-moment planning.

A few days later, we were still receiving donations and so we made an appointment to meet Bonny Hills RFS captain Glen Dunn and his crew, where we presented them the funds that we raised.

"His crew even showed the kids around the fire truck, and showed us some of the equipment they had on site.

It was a great experience all in all. This would not have been made possible without the involvement of Jason (Raylax Entertainment) for the entertainment, and the park Management (Jacaranda Caravan Park) for permission to host the event on the park grounds."