Where are our leaders in the bushfire crisis?

Where are our leaders in the bushfire crisis?

I live in an area that has been impacted by the horrendous fires and drought and I am wondering where our leaders are.

Back in November when the fires on the North Coast were raging our local members, both State and Federal were very quiet.

Our Mayor wasn't even in town and the Premier and Prime Minister both said 'Now is not the time to be talking about the fires'.

Well, here we are nearly two months after that terrible time and nothing has been said or more importantly done. There has been no sympathy, support, solutions or suggestions presented. The worst is possibly yet to come.

The situation has arisen because of years of successive governments putting fire and water management in the too hard basket and hoping it will rain. Now we have a crisis they are all running for cover and for politicians are all being unusually quiet.

Now is the time they should be visual in the community offering assistance to the people who've lost everything.

They should be listening to the people who elected them and working hard to help overcome the issues at hand. Now is the time to be talking, acting and preparing.

Thank God for the Rural Fire Service because if we rely on our government at all levels we would have all burnt up and lost lots of homes and lives.

Our politician's solution to the problem is go on holidays and hope the problem will go away by dismissing it or not talking about it and hoping it will rain before difficult decisions have to be made.

By the way, the same applies to water management and also power generation solutions.

Sarah Berg