Spare a thought for our water use over the holidays

Spare a thought for our water use over the holidays

In the December 5 edition of the Camden Haven Courier (page 3) general manager, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, Mr Craig Swift-McNair reports on the guiding principles for council to strategically plan for the future whilst balancing the needs of the local community.

The questions I ask is"What guiding principles were used in November, 2005 when our major dam at Corwarra was taken into operation without a filtering system being constructed and taken into use at that time?" When the water level in the vicinity of the dam drops below a certain level, no water can be pumped into the dam.

I have been informed that there are many dams throughout NSW that have filtering systems installed at the time of construction to alleviate the problem of filling the dams with cleaned water. I am now told that Cowarra Dam will have a filtering system installed within the next 10 years, How is that going to help this area seeing that we are now in the middle of strict water restrictions?

There are new estates opening up all the time, such as Thrumpster, Sovereign Hills, estate in the Lake Cathie area and Laurieton. Seeing how the filtering system may not be installed several years from now, more people and more building will have to cope with the same amount of water that we do now before that time comes.

To add to this problem this area will be inundated with thousands of tourists over December and January. Will they be water conscious and be sparing of our precious resource? I think not.

Graham Williams