Blues and roots duo Busby Marou bring their real world down-to-earth music to Laurieton

Blues and roots duo: Tom Busby and Jeremy Marou perform at Laurieton United Services Club on Friday, February 14, at 8.15pm, with special guest Adam Eckersley.

Blues and roots duo: Tom Busby and Jeremy Marou perform at Laurieton United Services Club on Friday, February 14, at 8.15pm, with special guest Adam Eckersley.

The slogan that sells Queensland is very familiar and now, so is the duo Busby Marou, who feature in the state's tourism ads.

Tom Busby and Jeremy Marou were chosen for the ads because the powers that be wanted to really try to connect with people to show Queenslanders as being genuine.

"We found out through the agency they were looking for "normal Queenslanders" to be in the ads. We were getting known, and our song Sound of Summer was a good fit to feature in the ads," Busby says.

Both are family men. "Jeremy has three boys and one girl, I've got three young daughters under [age] four - it's nuts, but it's fun," Busby says.

Both are Rockhampton residents, although Jeremy is originally from Torres Strait Islands. The two came together at a pub in Rockhampton.

"I'm from a big family in Rocky. I was studying in Brisbane when I heard about this whiz bang guitarist. He was playing in my mate's band, so when I came home I went along to check him out."

The chemistry between them was instant. "When I first met him, he was generous, humble, he was quiet, and well behaved. We started playing together and honed our skills playing in pubs. We're lucky we made all the mistakes back then."

"Rocky gets a bad rap sometimes for being a redneck town, but they have really taken us on board, and really supported us and what we do. We just love singing."

This tour marks 13 years since they released their debut self titled EP which was recorded at Pete Murray's home studio in Byron Bay.

Busby initially came up with the lyrics and basic melody. "Jeremy would weave his musical genius and shape them with his virtuoso guitar work. But on the latest album we both had a story to tell more collaboratively."

The Great Divide, released in September last year, debuted at No.5 on the ARIA charts.

"That was really cool. It's been about three years, since the third album [Postcards from the Shell House] which was so strange to us that it went to No.1. And since then streaming started big time, so we were told don't have high expectations, people aren't buying albums.

"I totally get the accessibility of streaming, it connects people across the world. But the physical thing of actually playing an album is special. I mean I've got favourite bands, but I don't buy all their albums. But some I would make the effort to buy a CD or vinyl because we know how much effort goes in to making an album.

Busby Marou love performing and touring. They are currently supporting Cold Chisel, and this weekend are at Bankwest Stadium Parramatta on Friday night, then North Wollongong on Saturday at 2.30pm, then they board a tiny plane headed for Tamworth on Saturday night for a performance at the Australian Country Music Awards.

The lads are excited as they have been nominated for group of the year and contemporary album of the year - their first ACMA nominations and the first time they have performed at the festival.

Although mostly known as a blues and roots duo, they will add a country flavour to this tour as their special guest performer is Adam Eckersley. "He is an amazing songwriter and great performer."

Eckersley will play his own material but will also join Busby Marou on stage on the tour.

When this tour finishes up in March the pair will continue to work on some new singles and hope to do a tiny towns tour later in the year, along with "a bunch of festivals".

Meanwhile, make Valentine's Day special and see them in concert at Laurieton United Services Club.

Sound of Summer - Busby Marou
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