Camden Haven SES warn community to be prepared for storm season 2020

Camden Haven SES are encouraging people to stay vigilant ahead of the annual storm season.

Storm season typically starts around November with strong winds but goes right through until Autumn and can encompass strong wind, rain and and hail conditions into March.

Camden Haven SES unit commander Gordon Hutchinson said it was everyone's responsibility to ensure they are prepared for the storm season.

"We haven't had a really bad storm season for a few years and I think that has made some people complacent when it comes to storms," Mr Hutchinson said.

"We saw it with the bushfires that people don't think it will impact them and then when the threat comes some people aren't prepared."

Mr Hutchinson said it only took simple steps to ensure you are ready when storms hit.

"Clean out your gutters regularly, make sure your yards are clean and prepare your emergency plan," he said.

"If you need to evacuate it makes it a lot less stressful if you are prepared and know where your important documents are.

"There isn't often a lot of time before storms hit so knowing what you need to get before you evacuate is important."

To report storm damage or for SES assistance call 1800 201 000.