Camden Haven star photographer Nick Hafey uses his camera to frame the world in a different light

FUN: Nick Hafey loves to go out with his camera and snap away.
FUN: Nick Hafey loves to go out with his camera and snap away.

Sitting out under the stars with his camera is the place Camden Haven photographer Nick Hafey feels most at home.

Growing up with parents who were musically gifted Nick never thought he would find a home in the creative arts until he picked up his mum's old camera.

"Playing a musical instrument did not come naturally to me and it wasn't until I picked up mum's old camera for a project in high school that I found something I enjoy," Nick said.

"In the beginning it was just a bit of fun and living in a place like the Camden Haven it is just such a lovely area that is always changing.

"Even if you take a photo of the same river there will always be something new in the frame.

"I started with a fixed lense camera and that did for while before I moved to a DSLR and then a while later I upgraded to the camera I have now."

Nick says there are so many different things to take photographs of in the Hastings but it is the stars that he finds most exciting to photograph.

"Astrophotography is my favourite thing to take a photo of," he said.

"It is one thing to snap an image of a tree or an animal but taking photos of the night sky is something special.

"It is a big process for me and I go out for three or four hours at a time after dark and I almost go into a meditative state. Sitting out alone with just my camera you have to pause and be still and it gives me a lot of time to think.

"It does really relax me and I love the whole process of being out in nature and then also the process after to make the star trail images it is all just so rewarding."

With a passion for photography Nick's mind is always ticking over about what would make a good photograph.

"Some photographers don't like the rise in smartphone photography but having a phone in your pocket all the time is quite convenient," he said.

"No one wants to lug a huge camera around wherever they go and I think there is a time and a place for all kinds of photography.

"The other thing is I think photography is a personal thing.

"Yes you post photos on social media or you print them out but for me it doesn't matter how many likes you get or if someone likes your photo my philosophy is if you like it then that is what matters."

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