Whiddon Group at Laurieton's deputy director of care services reflects on 30 years of service

ANNIVERSARY: Dale Feeney has been working at Whiddon Laurieton. PHOTO: Laura Telford.
ANNIVERSARY: Dale Feeney has been working at Whiddon Laurieton. PHOTO: Laura Telford.

Dale Feeney has been working at Whiddon Laurieton for the last 30 years and said she would not have it any other way.

"I started as the what used to be called the relieving hostel supervisor what is now the director deputy care services," Dale said.

"The role started as the weekend supervisor and relief for the Hostel Supervisor.

"At the time it suited me because I was still home for my young children during the week and school holidays and my husband was there for them on the weekends.

"From there my role progressed to the four days a week which I work now and I have been able to do a range of different things to help our residents."

Dale celebrated 30 years on February 12 but said she never anticipated staying at Whiddon for so long.

She said the environment at the aged care facility soon became like family and then she could not imagine leaving.

"Whiddon Laurieton has been a big part of my nursing career and I have learnt many skills during this wonderful journey," she said.

"When talking about being employed with Whiddon for 30 years, I am proud to say that Whiddon has always had a culture of listening to the resident and caring for them as an individual.

She said over the years she has seen many significant changes to the site but the biggest change has been a focus towards holistic resident care.

"The Improvements over the 30 years have been many. Continued improvement is inherently embedded in Whiddon's culture in all they do and is why I have always loved what I do and where I work.

"Over the years the industry has moved away from institutionalised care to a more needs focused care which has been really positive.

"We live rich lives and they should not end when someone goes into residential care. Life should very much continue and I am proud that our residents can lead fulfilling lives with us.

"The environment is a happy one, this is so important for the residents who live here.I have so many special memories from working here, but they all involve the residents and our wonderful team.

"When we all come together and succeed it is a joy to celebrate."

Dale said in her role as deputy director of care services she finds great joy in seeing the next generation of carers come through.

"I love that young people are coming into the industry and we are teaching the next generation how to care for people who have aged but are still full of life and want to continue to live.

"Continued education and training opportunities are open to all staff in all areas of our work force. This is of paramount importance for our continued improvement and growth in the next 30 years.

"Caring for people as they age is pretty simple really, they just want to continue what they have always enjoyed and stay as healthy as possible.

"I really enjoy coming to work each day and being a part of what makes a difference to the people we care and support."