Lake Cathie and Bonny Hills RFS units train together to strengthen skills

Firefighters at the Lake Cathie and Bonny Hills Rural Fire Service held combined training to strengthen their skills away from the fireground on February 29.

As first responders both units respond to a range of different emergencies from search and rescues to house fires and motor vehicle accidents.

Unit captains Chris Brown and Glen Dunn said it was important that all crews could work together.

"A lot of the time both our units get called out to the same emergencies so being able to work together is crucial," Ms Brown said.

"Today we went through a motor vehicle crash simulation with different crews running the scenario.

"It was an opportunity for everyone to come together and also a chance for our new members to see some of the other things we do."

Mr Dunn said both units to train together to share skills and help each other.

"When we are out working in a situation more often than not we have to rely on each other so doing in this kind of environment means when it comes to the real thing everyone knows what do to," Mr Dunn said.

"Today the simulation was a car had crashed into power lines and our crews had to deal with a trapped driver, manage traffic, perform a search for missing people and manage any fire risks.

"Depending on the situation our crews would do any and all of these things at a real emergency."