Silence from our leaders

Congratulations to the indefatigable Sue Baker and our esteemed Bonny Hills 'elder' John Drinan for their letters the Camden Haven Courier.

I too was stung by Dr Gillespie's proud assertion that climate change had not been raised with him.

At the time I wrote to him raising my concerns.

No response.

I then signed a petition on the same subject. Silence!

Our local state member similarly does not respond to letters from me concerning local environmental issues.

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council officers are not permitted to remove the African Tulip Tree as NSW has not designated it as an environmental weed.

This tree, lethal to native bees has been classified as such in Queensland and I have beseeched Ms Williams to petition the NSW Environment Minister to do likewise on at least two occasions. Again silence.

All we ask is that our representatives, REPRESENT us!

Even our local mayor seems to be oblivious to our concerns.

Judy Love

President Bonny Hills Landcare