We need our government to be accountable and responsible

Fact: At least 13 passengers on the Ruby Princess cruise ship were known to be sick, yet approximately 2000 passengers were allowed to disembark in Sydney days ago with nothing to alert anyone around them that they may be carriers or already sick with the coronavirus.

Fact: Those approximate 2000 people then got on trains, airplanes and other transport and travelled anywhere they wanted in Australia. Many more people are at risk to coronavirus because of the government's lack of responsibility in this situation.

Fact: 50 of those people have today tested positive. How could this happen?

Was it NSW or the Federal government who put us at risk by not insuring Port Authority do the right thing with the cruise ship passengers? Over three weeks ago the passengers of a cruise ship were sent to Christmas Island for two weeks. Our government has gone backward in protecting us, not forward.

Scott Morrison throwing money around (and he is very good at doing that after a crises gets out of hand) does not mean much if government's actions are putting all of us at much greater risk of illness by gross negligence, lack of clarity, and basic irresponsibility.

Every Australian citizen has a right to know what happened and demand the appropriate Federal or State governments become accountable.

We also have a right to know what steps are being taken to insure this total lack of care can never happen again.

Maggie Adkins,

West Haven