COVID-19: Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce (CHCC) launches strategy to help businesses

The Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce (CHCC) has launched a Facebook group to encourage business owners to connect, share experiences and collaborate.

"It is the view of the CHCC that preparations for a potential long-term lockdown need to take place now," CHCC president Stuart Bate said.

"Looking and learning from businesses and communities globally is essential.

The CHCC is investigating online technologies and a collaborative home delivery solution.

This would allow all businesses the capacity to deliver their product to customer homes safely.

"This solution will complement existing businesses delivery services and will be very mindful of the health and safety of the people delivering food," Mr Bate said.

The Chamber is seeking the business community's engagement as it looks to establish the model.

"We have a technology partner on board who is willing to waive initial fees and costs for a couple of months, however we also need to look at a phone service and other logistical challenges," Mr Bate said.

For more information, visit the Camden Haven Business Resilience - Community Sustainability Facebook group. Alternatively people can email or