Connor and Bryce Cook battling homeschool blues during COVID-19 pandemic without the XBox

Connor Cook

Connor Cook

ANY thoughts Connor and Bryce Cook had of not doing their schoolwork and playing more hours of NBA 2K20 on the XBox have been quickly hit on the head.

While the Laurieton brothers have swapped the cricket bat for the console, they can only do so after 4pm each day.

It's the only real option they have of keeping themselves occupied in the current COVID-19 self-isolation period which is expected to drag on until at least June.

So far, mum Cath and dad Ant haven't had to hide the controllers as well, making it even more challenging for their sons who can see the controllers.

"I've got to show a bit of self-control," Connor said.

The oldest Cook is two terms into his Higher School Certificate year and he hopes the pandemic has "blown over" by the time exams start in October.

"It's a bit hard balancing schoolwork and having more distractions like the Xbox," he said.

"But I try to knock over my school work in the day and then relax in the afternoon."

A gym setup at girlfriend Macey's place also provides another outlet to do some fitness and exercise, but it's not the same as heading down to the nets and hitting a few balls.

"We want to get down to the nets if the bans get a little less strict but we've got to be smart about it," he said.

Bryce Cook

Bryce Cook

Both brothers starred at various times for Port Macquarie Pirates in the Mid-North Coast Premier Cricket League.

And the younger of the duo, Bryce, admitted there are both advantages and disadvantages of living with a sibling.

"There's always someone to talk cricket with, but it also isn't the best when I have to share the Xbox with him or little things like that," Bryce said.

"But overall it's not to bad."

They both realise the timing of the pandemic has been good in a cricket sense with the season now over.

"It's pretty tough not to be doing the normal things I would be doing, but I'm really missing cricket training and being able to get outside."

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