FREE TV HIGHLIGHTS JULY 24-30: ABC gives birth to The Sound

NEW BEAT: Eskimo Joe perform for new ABC music series The Sound.

NEW BEAT: Eskimo Joe perform for new ABC music series The Sound.


5.30pm, Sunday, ABC

Remember the old Countdown TV show?

It seemed like such a simple show, didn't it? Just get a few bands to lip sync to their latest tune, show a few videos, get Molly Meldrum to ramble on about some new releases and then count down the top 10 at the end.

It was a concept that had us spellbound - you could guarantee every kid was at home in front of the TV at 6pm on a Sunday.

But, given the lack of a replacement since Countdown stopped airing in 1987, it's clear the show was much, much greater than the sum of its parts.

And with the immediacy of social media and online music news, the need to wait for a once-weekly update on the music scene really isn't necessary.

Which is why we see shows like The Sound (which is almost scheduled in the old Countdown timeslot) where it gives viewers what they can't get anywhere else.

That would be live performances from acts old and new - you can't get them anywhere else because they're filmed exclusively for The Sound and also, because COVID-19 has made it way hard for bands to play live.

The six-part series, made in partnership with Mushroom Vision, includes a Like A Version-style cover from a current band, performances by up and coming acts and a nod to those who have gone before.

10 MISTAKES THAT SUNK THE TITANIC: ship designer Stephen Payne appears in a show about the Titanic.

10 MISTAKES THAT SUNK THE TITANIC: ship designer Stephen Payne appears in a show about the Titanic.


8.30pm, Sunday, Seven

The first few minutes of this Australian 10-part drama series from the maker of Always Greener does a good job of drawing you in.

We see two businessmen high up in a skyscraper, one is a winner, the other a loser. The winner hands the loser a USB, which clearly has something incriminating on it - perhaps to do with the loser's children. The loser leaves in disgrace, while the winner - who we have already worked out has a nasty streak - is gloating.

But what happened? What's on the USB?

Perhaps all will be revealed.

The show centres around two families - the Walfords and Greys. Phillip Walford was the winner in the opening battle, while Danny Grey is a suddenly injured footy player.

Their worlds shouldn't collide - but they do.


8.30pm, Wednesday, SBS

Well, you'd have to assume "hitting an iceberg" would be pretty high up on that list of mistakes.

But crashing into a giant floating hunk of ice wasn't the only reason the Titanic sunk.

Sure, it didn't help matters but on its own, the iceberg crash could have been survivable; it was that plus a number of other factors that led what was the largest moving man-made object at the time sinking beneath the waters.

For instance, the captain had a real need for speed and wanted to regain the title of the fastest ship steerer in the North Atlantic.

Then there was a fire below decks, one that had been going on for 10 days and would end up affecting the interior watertight bulkheads designed to stop water flowing through the whole ship in the event something bad happened - like whacking into an iceberg.

And then there was the fact that the two guys in the crow's nest - whose job it was to spot icebergs - didn't have a pair of binoculars.