Fred and Margaret Ann Killick celebrated 60th wedding anniversary

Happy anniversary: Margaret Ann and Fred Killick will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on July 30.

Happy anniversary: Margaret Ann and Fred Killick will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on July 30.

Fred Killick proposed to Margaret Ann Green on the night he introduced her to his family.

For Fred it was love at first sight. It was also their first date.

And while Fred was convinced his soon-to-be wife was "the one", Margaret Ann took a little bit longer to convince.

Sixty years later and on the eve of the wedding anniversary, the couple are quite content with their lives, their family and where they're living.

The couple have a strong relationship that's built on honesty, support and not holding a grudge after an argument.

They met at Margaret Ann's parents cafe - the Greenway Roadhouse on the Hume Highway.

Fred had dropped into the cafe for something to eat where Margaret Ann was a young waitress.

In his words: I just fell in love with her.

"So I took her home the first night to meet my mum and I proposed to her," Fred said.

While Fred was convinced he was right, Margaret Ann was almost equally convinced he wasn't.

"It wasn't love at first sight for me," she admits. "He had a few things going against him - he couldn't dance - and I loved ballroom dancing - and he lived too far away.

"Anyway, in the finish, he just wore me down. I couldn't get rid of him, so I married him."

The couple were engaged on Margaret Ann's 18th birthday and married six months later.

Love at first sight: Margaret Ann and Fred on their wedding day.

Love at first sight: Margaret Ann and Fred on their wedding day.

They chose St Paul's Church Avenel for their wedding - the same church where the young bride was baptised and confirmed. She also approached the same minister to conduct the service.

But married life was not all smooth sailing.

The married couple moved from Avenel to Seymour and Wangaratta where Fred took jobs where he could.

In 1968 the couple took the giant step of moving to Sydney where Fred had landed a job as an interstate truck driver.

It was here that the couple's family was complete with youngest daughter Carol Ann joining her brothers and sister - Noel, Dale and Lorelle.

On their 12th wedding anniversary they purchased their first home at Toongabbie.

They would remain there for the next 27 years, raising their children and welcoming their newest additions to the family unit.

With Fred finding more security over his work, Margaret Ann took on various jobs.

Unfortunately, she was to fall seriously ill, eventually suffering a heart attack.

As a way of clearing their heads, the couple travelled to Dunbogan to visit some friends. It was 1998 and Fred had also decided it was time to retire.

"On the way home Fred asked if I'd like to move up here," Margaret Ann says.

"It was the best move we ever made. I was still quite ill and being out of Sydney was really good for me and Fred's health."

Fred stopped playing golf but took up bowls at the Lake Cathie Bowling Club.

Margaret Ann had an admittedly short life as a bowler but found her feet as the manager of the men's pennant teams.

She would eventually lay claim to being the first woman to win a men's pennant flag and taking the number 4s team to the state final.

Fred was forced to retire from bowls after suffering a stroke in 2010 - on the couple's 50th wedding anniversary.

The conversation turns to what makes a good marriage or partnership between two people.

Margaret Ann says it's about understanding that you don't always agree with each other.

"We like to have fun in our life. We bounce off each other really well," she said.

"My dad says I was born laughing and I've always been really happy with my life.

"But to be honest, it doesn't seem like 60 years.

"For the first 25 years Fred was always on the road working but I think the turning point was our 25th wedding anniversary.

"We decided to go to Tasmania and it was there that we really reconnected with each other.

"We have our arguments - and any couple you says that you don't is not being real - but we get over it really quickly."

Fred says that is one of the main traits that the couple have passed on to their children: family is important and family matters.

On Thursday (July 30) the Bonny Hills couple enjoyed a lunch at the Lake Cathie Bowling Club following by dinner with some close friends.

On Saturday, the extended family will host a COVID-19-safe smorgasbord lunch.

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