MobileMuster partner with Landcare to improve recycling and sustainability

It's time to get rid of that old phone in the bottom drawer

A MOBILE phone recycling company has partnered with Landcare Australia for the month of August in an effort to clean up communities and improve future sustainability.

MobileMuster provide a free, environmentally-friendly mobile phone recycling program to curb the estimated five million broken and forgotten phones sitting in draws across the country.

Every phone recycled this month will go towards supporting Landcare Australia's efforts.

Head of MobileMuster Spyro Kalos said the partnership was an effort to motivate people into taking more action.

"It gives a double impact for recycling, because while it's fantastic we will be recovering recycled materials, we have also set a goal of recycling 20,000 phones to help fund Landcare's purchases of trees and shrubs," he said.

"The natural, and particularly Australian, environment has copped a hiding this year with fire, floods and drought so this is a great way to support nature's recovery."

With 3500 drop off points for mobile phone recycling around the country and an option to post it away as well, Mr Kalos said there was no reason not to get on board.

"The second most common reason we see people holding on to their old phones is that they're concerned about the data on them, but any data on phones recycled through us is destroyed when we get the phone," he said.

All brands and types of mobile phones, plus their batteries, chargers and accessories, are accepted and then recycled safely and sustainably.

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