Watch out, here comes Junior MasterChef Australia

Meet Ben. He's ten and he's from Bendigo.

He also is the youngest of the top 14 contestants in the 2020 series, Junior MasterChef Australia.

The young chefs will make their screen time debut in series when it launches on October 11 on the WIN Network.

The 10-year-old was one of almost 2000 applicants for the 2020 series.

All of the aspiring chefs were between the ages of nine and 14.

Ben particularly enjoys cooking savoury dishes, and often makes dinner for his family.

The show's promoters said Ben's love for cooking stemmed from his love of eating what he had cooked.

"He loves learning all about new cuisines, and his favourite cuisine to eat is Asian because of all the different dishes and flavour combinations," they said in a statement.

The winner of this season of Junior MasterChef Australia will be awarded $25,000.

MasteChef's "new" judging triumverate - Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo - will guide the youngsters through the series.

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