Port Macquarie's Chris Delaney has set a new course record of two hours, four minutes in the 21km Rainbow Gold Enduro

Port Macquarie's Chris Delaney has set a new course record of two hours, four minutes in the 21km Rainbow Gold Enduro.

It was a close finish with Delaney leading much of the race. He was followed by Luke Morris from Tacking Point in a time of two hours and six minutes.

Athletes braved the waves, rain and some choppy conditions at Rainbow Beach, Bonny Hills on October 24.

The Coolangatta Gold-style short course event ran over 21kms with a 10.5km ski paddle, 2km swim, 3km board paddle and 5.5km beach run.

The inaugural event was hosted by Wauchope-Bonny Hills Surf Life Saving Club, with 29 team and individual entries competing.

"The swim leg was really tough. You'd turn your head to breath and receive a mouthful of water. Apart from that it was good," Delaney said at the finish line.

"I was able to catch a nice little wave on the way in and out. I think if you've grown up swimming in the ocean this kind of day is to your advantage.

"Luke Morris is a really good ski paddler and he led the way home in the first stage. I thought if I could catch him in the swim maybe there was a chance (to win).

"As it turned out, I caught him in the swim and held off in the board and the run. I'm just happy to be finished."

Morris had led the first leg of the race and was first to reach Rainbow Beach off the surf ski, but was overtaken by Delaney in the swim and couldn't make up the lost ground.

"It was a tough sort of swim but overall I thought it was a really good course," Morris said after the finish.

"I was hoping to get in some time for a breather after the ski. But by the time I got on the board a few people had passed (during the swim) and it was probably too bigger gap really (to come back).

"Chris had a good swim, a good board paddle and had a good run."

Opens team 'Live Bait' consisting of Christian Hope, Chayce Anderson, Paul Kuhnell and Jeremy Bate was the third competitor and first team across the line in a time of two hours and nine minutes.

"It was hard on the way down in the ski, on the way back there was a few runners," Anderson said after the surf ski course change.

"I was very happy with my time and the two guys in front of me are very experienced athletes."

Raelene Myers led the women's division as the only individual female athlete.

Event organiser Elaine Walker said the club is hopeful the event will continue in coming years.

"We are thinking that we will make it bigger and better next year," she said.

"In years to come we are thinking of running it in September with state-wide entries and hopefully make it a bigger thing."

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