Police outline four major messages on road safety to mayor Peta Pinson to remind us to be safe on our roads

During Road Safety Week a reminder to stay safe on our roads

It's Road Safety Week, and an important reminder to us all to drive to survive, and drive as if our loved ones are on the road ahead.

Not driving safely is a matter of life or death.

Tragically in the last five years 25 people have lost their lives on our local road.

Additionally, 859 of our families and friends have been injured.

I caught up with Senior Constable Gary Bates to chat about road safety.

We spoke about how losing a loved-one on our roads affects the lives of families and friends forever.

Senior Constable Bates explained the big four messages the police would like to get across.

They are important at all times but especially with more of us on the road during the busy school and Christmas holiday period.

  • Driving tired and not taking regular breaks is extremely dangerous, so it's important to have a good night's sleep before a trip, and to take regular breaks.
  • Speed continues to be one of the major factors contributing to road trauma, as does drink and drug driving.
  • Making sure everyone in the vehicle is suitably restrained is also so important, and this includes pets as well.
  • Make sure our mobile phones and other devices in the car are not accessible, as when they distract us our vehicles are essentially out of control.

Our police will continue to be extremely visible on our roads as a reminder to stay safe, and for us to think about our individual driving habits.

You may notice yellow ribbons at various roadside locations during Road Safety Week.

These are a reminder to be attentive, stay focused, and drive as if our loved ones are on the road ahead.

Drive to survive everyone, and we'll all get to our destination safely.