Port Macquarie woman's shocked response to $99,000 Keno win

Port Macquarie woman buys winning Keno ticket at Kew Country Club

A young Port Macquarie mum has confessed she still doesn't believe she scored a Keno Mega Millions 8 Spot prize worth over $99,000 despite seeing the winning notification with her own eyes.

The player held a Keno Mega Millions 8 Spot winning entry in game 467 on Thursday November 26, 2020 and scored $99,013.

Sharing her disbelief with an official from Keno this morning, the happy winner recounted the moment she discovered the exciting win.

"I don't have anything to say! I was so shocked when I found out. I couldn't say anything and I'm still shocked!" she said.

"I put the ticket on earlier that day when I was just poking around, and then last night I was out for dinner with my sister when I decided just to replay the ticket.

"I had no idea it was a winner until they scanned it at the counter and said I'd won $99,000.

"I said to the young guy, 'what did you just say to me?'. I had no idea what he was saying. I was so shocked.

"Then he showed me I'd won on the ticket and I was stunned.

Then he showed me I'd won on the ticket and I was stunned.

Keno winner

"I play every now and again when I'm just poking around and always replay the same numbers.

"I never expected when I went to replay them this time that I would be a winner.

"I think once it is in my bank account, I'll start to believe it!"

When asked how she planned to enjoy her Keno Mega Millions windfall, the happy woman said it had come at the perfect time for her family.

"We're a young family, and we recently moved," she explained.

"It will go a long way in helping us set up our new house.

"With everything going on at the moment, it's been a bit harder getting things organised as things are taking longer and businesses are stopping or shutting down.

"So this will just make it much easier. It has certainly come in handy."

The regular player, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her winning entry at Kew Country Club.

Kew Country Club finance manager Nathan Kerr said he was thrilled his venue had sold another major Keno prize.

"We sold a $30,000 Keno prize in 2013, so it's been a little while between big wins," he said.

"It feels pretty good to have another one under our belt.

"There were plenty of people in the club yesterday when it went off, and everyone was talking about it. It certainly created a bit of a buzz.

"We are really happy for our customer! We wish her all the best with her prize."