Talent abounded at the 1970 Port Macquarie Singers' Christmas Concert as an enthusiastic audience showed its appreciation

Port Macquarie Primary School Recorder Group, 1970.
Port Macquarie Primary School Recorder Group, 1970.

Singers Fine Achievement

In spite of the inclement weather on Wednesday night last, a good crowd of local people turned up for the Port Macquarie Singers' Christmas Concert in the Catholic Hall in Horton Street.

A program of 17 items delighted the audience and the Port Macquarie Singers sang a total of 15 songs during the night.

This group of 28 enthusiastic singers sang exceptionally well and was appropriately acclaimed by the audience.

Conductor of the group is Mr R. Retallick and the accompanist is Mrs Bobbie Irwin.

Undoubtedly, one of the most enjoyed items on the program was the expert playing of the Primary School Recorder Group.

This group of 21 children, under the leadership of Mr K. Turner, played four popular Christmas carols and was enthusiastically acclaimed by the audience.

The Port Macquarie Singers can afford to be very proud of their fine achievement.

Mr & Mrs Ken Messenger enter their wedding reception, 1970.

Mr & Mrs Ken Messenger enter their wedding reception, 1970.

Wedding bells

There were gay scenes at the El Paso Restaurant on Saturday for the reception that followed the Adcock - Messenger wedding at St Agnes' Roman Catholic Church.

The bride, Yvonne Adcock of Laurieton, wore French cotton lace in the latest Spanish style. The groom is Ken Messenger, and the happy couple will make their home at Rose Bay.

A donkey ride at the Q-Robin School Christmas Party, 1970, was a big hit.

A donkey ride at the Q-Robin School Christmas Party, 1970, was a big hit.

Q-Robin Christmas party

The Q-Robin School and Tourist Hotel Darts Club held their Christmas party over the weekend at Lake Cathie.

The party was supported by many local businesses including; Evans Bakery, the Illoura Gift Shop, Mini-market, Marshalls Cordials, Marbuk Park and the Tourist Hotel.

Their support really helped to give the children a truly wonderful and memorable outing.

Exciting bar rescue

Port Macquarie Maritime Services Board officer, Max Morgan, featured in an exciting harbour-bar rescue on Friday afternoon.

Two men who tried to cross the bar in an 11-foot outboard motor boat were thrown into the water when the launch capsized in the prevailing difficult, choppy conditions.

They had clung to their upturned boat for about ten minutes when rescued by Mr Morgan who had seen their plight while painting the station flagpole.

He got his patrol launch out and, in company with Blue Water Club member Kim Boston, went out to the men.

They hauled the two men aboard and took their upturned boat in tow.

The men, R. Newton and R. Dulski were members of a party of twelve geologists aboard the geological survey vessel San Pedro Strait anchored off Oxley Beach.

When Mr Dulski became in great pain due to an ulcerated gum, Captain G. Cruikshank decided to make for Port Macquarie to seek medical assistance.

Mr Newton was bringing Mr Dulski ashore for this purpose when the accident happened. Towing the capsized launch proved too much for the patrol launch which had its gear box stripped in the process.

Mr. Morgan could only proceed out to the San Pedro Strait in reverse. When the party reached the San Pedro it was decided to haul the patrol launch aboard as it was impossible for it to be navigated over the bar.

In the process of hauling the patrol launch aboard, a sling broke and the engine cowling was damaged.

Port Macquarie Singers Group, 1970.

Port Macquarie Singers Group, 1970.

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