Nathan Harris-Dent and Blake Dobles are walking from Melbourne to Brisbane to raise money for the Dogs for Kids charity

A GREAT ADVENTURE TO BRISBANE: Blake Dobles and Nathan Harris-Dent in Port Macquarie.
A GREAT ADVENTURE TO BRISBANE: Blake Dobles and Nathan Harris-Dent in Port Macquarie.

Nathan Harris-Dent and Blake Dobles have arrived in the Hastings on their mission to walk from Melbourne to Brisbane.

The two trekkers are completing the 2200km 'Ks for Days' journey over three months to raise money for charity, Dogs for Kids. They have currently raised around $14,467 for the Victoria-based charity, which trains assistance dogs.

The pair officially kicked off their adventure at Flinders Street Station on November 12 and arrived in Port Macquarie on January 13.

WET WEATHER: Blake Dobles and Nathan Harris-Dent on the road. Photo: Supplied.

WET WEATHER: Blake Dobles and Nathan Harris-Dent on the road. Photo: Supplied.

"Blake and I have similar views on why we're doing the walk, we simply want to get out there and have an adventure, challenge ourselves and get out of our comfort zone. We're excited for how much we'll grow and what we'll learn on the trip," 21-year-old Nathan said.

"My family has been heavily involved supporting Dogs for Kids and we want to do our part to help the charity as it's been doing it tough during the pandemic.

"We've made our way through Coopernook Forest campground and stayed on the oval in Laurieton. Port Macquarie has been our first rest day in twelve days since Newcastle. We do try to have a rest day once a week but when we got to Seal Rocks we were feeling pretty good.

"So far it hasn't been as mentally challenging as I thought it would be. It definitely has been a physical challenge but we are getting fitter and stronger as the days go by."

The pair walk around 30kms on average per day and have walked 67kms across 24 hours when they were approaching Canberra.

Both walkers had limited experience in distance trekking before they started the journey. Nathan had never been on a hike, while Blake was a once-a-week runner with five hikes under his belt.

TAKING A BREAK: Blake Dobles and Nathan Harris-Dent.

TAKING A BREAK: Blake Dobles and Nathan Harris-Dent.

Blake Dobles, 22 said the duo are ahead of schedule and hoping to reach Brisbane in February on the Valentines Day.

"There's been plenty of interesting parts. I had one day when I got flooded out with rain and everything was floating around in my tent," he said.

"There's has been some tough moments too.Back in Victoria there was three days straight where we were walking on the road and it was 37 degrees. There was nothing but dead grass and it was super super hot.

"People have provided spontaneous help along the way. Just recently past Bonny Hills there was a lady who gave us cold water, pineapple, strawberries and homemade cookies.

"People also occasionally give us free beers along the way and we stayed at family friends in Newcastle over Christmas and New Years.

"During the walk I've realised when you stop doing the regular day routines, there is a moment to think about where you want to go and what you want to do with your life."

You can follow the journey by clicking here or click here to make a donation towards their $40,000 goal to cover the cost of an assistance dog.

The pair have been sponsored by Vivo Barefoot for their footwear, SeaToSummit for sleeping mats and Backcountry Cuisine for food.

Nathan said the walk has given him the opportunity to plan for the future and appreciate the humor of camping out under the stars.

"Since we've been walking I've been thinking about starting my own business in insulation. I've been thinking about starting that with Blake when we get back," he said.

"The walk has given me time to think about the habits I want in my life and what I want to do.

"Probably one of the funniest things that's happened on the trip was one night when I didn't set up the rain tarp for my hammock. The sprinklers came on about 3am during the night and I was saturated, it was like a bucket of water was poured on me. I was running around naked in the middle of the night, head torch on and setting up my rain tarp in a hurry," he laughed.