North Haven flood gates petition presented to council

Camden Haven River inundates North Haven in the March floods. Photo: Lee Hartshorne.
Camden Haven River inundates North Haven in the March floods. Photo: Lee Hartshorne.

THE draft 2021-2022 operational plan for Port Macquarie-Hastings Council will include the development of a North Haven stormwater management strategy.

Council received a petition at its April meeting from 140 residents of the North Haven community about flood gates for the riverside village.

North Haven was among the most severely impacted communities across the local government area in the devastating March floods.

Residents raised concerns in the petition about the ineffectiveness of the flood gates which they believed contributed to the inundation of homes.

The petition stated: "We, the undersigned, wish to bring to council's attention the lack of maintenance to the flood gates at North Haven. We believe that this contributed to houses in the area being inundated by water from the creek that should have flowed through the gates to the Camden Haven River.

"It is our contention that because the gates have not been maintained properly they did not function as they were designed to do. We suggest an urgent review and request some proof that these gates will be on the maintenance schedule from now on."

Council resolved to write to the organisers of the petition, outlining council's maintenance actions in relation to the North Haven flood gates and how they form part of the Stormwater Hotspot register managed by council.

The draft 2021-2022 operational plan includes development of a North Haven Stormwater Management Plan, which broadly aims to assess the North Haven urban catchment and exiting systems to devise conceptual solutions to address flooding.