Your Family Practice at Lakewood has administered more than 8,000 vaccines in the Camden Haven

BOOKING IN: Receptionist Jade Drayton at Your Family Practice.
BOOKING IN: Receptionist Jade Drayton at Your Family Practice.

Camden Haven businesses are uniting to raise the vaccination rate in the community.

Staff of Your Family Practice at Lakewood have administered more than 8,000 vaccines and held several business supported vaccination days for employees.

Your Family Practice Lakewood practice manager Deidre said the clinic holds the vaccination days over the weekend to help employees who can't spare time during the week.

"It was a community decision to do it and make sure the community where we live are safe. It's just something we can all do together as a community to beat this," she said.

"This area has been amazing for vaccination rates. If you look at Kendall they are sitting around 80 to 89 per cent and we have about 80 per cent for first doses here in Laurieton.

"We're at the point now where we are working with schools, teachers and working with community employers. We have done a Woolworth's day and we have offered it to Coles and Laurieton United Services Club.

"We're doing (vaccination days for) Bennetts Steel, we're doing Hastings Co-op to try and get big employers in the area on board with their staff vaccinations so that it all gets done.

"We know from a employee point of view that every time someone is off sick for a test it's at least two days away. If we can get the whole community vaccinated that's obviously a benefit."

Medical practices have been quick to distribute and the local community has been receptive to timely vaccinations, according to Deidre.

"Practices are taking on the Pfizer vaccine next week and that will be really good for the community as well," she said.

"We have children coming through to be vaccinated from the middle of the month as well. People will want to get their kids vaccinated and we have run HSC clinics so they can get done."