Dr David Gillespie, Lyne MP, says extra funds for training has seen the highest number of apprenticeships since '63

Record funds for skills and training sees apprenticeships at all time high

The Australian government has delivered the highest number of Australians in trade apprenticeships on record.

New department program data demonstrates Australian mine training trade apprenticeships reached 217,400 in July 2021, the highest number since records began in 1963.

Evidencing the positive impacts of the federal government's record funding of skills and training, the number of Australians undertaking skills and training has surged with total in-training apprenticeships and traineeships for June 2021 at 347,266 up from 268,215 in June 2020.

Visas extended for Afghans who supported Australia's mission in Afghanistan

The Australian government has announced that temporary humanitarian visas issued to Afghans who supported Australia's mission in Afghanistan, and who remain there following the August air evacuation, will be extended on an ongoing basis.

The decision provides an ongoing extension to visas issued to certified Locally Engaged Employees from the Department of Defence, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Australian Federal Police, as well as persons with other working relationships with the Australian government and their families who were issued temporary humanitarian visas.

Tenth Anniversary of Aus/US Force Posture Initiatives

Another milestone has been marked for the "Unbreakable Alliance", with the ten-year anniversary of the Australia - United States Force Posture Initiatives.

Over the last ten years, the Marine Rotational Force - Darwin and the Enhanced Air Cooperation have grown in scale and complexity. The first Marine Rotational Force Darwin started with less than 200 US Marines before reaching more than 2500 in 2019.

Enhanced Air Cooperation has expanded to include fourth- and fifth-generation fighter integration, and inter-operability on logistics and health capabilities.

This cooperation has ensured that the Alliance is better positioned to deter coercion and respond to the full range of contingencies in the Indo-Pacific.